Monday, November 14, 2016

Thanksgiving Musings

I just finished writing a ranting blog post about the 2016 election and then decided against posting it. Rather I decided to post an old entry I never posted from 2011. It is still relevant in my life and since we are coming up to Thanksgiving, I thought it was even more relevant. If anyone cares to read my musings on life, I hope you enjoy:

Today I decided to create a blog (2011). Just to write down my thoughts and ideas and dreams.  My existential experience, I suppose,  during thanksgiving, inspired me to write. Let me share. I cooked a duck for Thanksgiving and while I was preparing this duck carcass,  I realized this is only the second time I have ever prepared and cooked an entire carcass of a dead animal. What a strange feeling it was for me to feel the body of a once living animal.  Legs that move and wings and body parts, flesh, skin... Blach!  Never have I understood so clearly until now that what we need to be thankful for is the animals and plants, the lives that are given up to become part of our life and energy.

Generally I avoid cooking meat.  It doesn't mean I never eat it, but I just rarely cook it or eat it.  I remember why. However this experience made me realize why it is so important to be connected with your food in all aspects. Where it comes from, how it lives, what it eats, what's been sprayed on it or manipulated (GMOs).  Everything that happens to that animal or plant in its life eventually becomes a part of your body and your life force once eaten.

People in Portland are very big on the whole food movement and so forth and I have just recently begun to eat a more plant based diet. Even thinking about what I choose to put in my body makes me realize that eating is just ingesting life force or energy or whatever. We essentially take life from other living things to feed our life. Perhaps this is obvious to most people, but it seems so weird to me. Plants, seeds, eggs, animals etc. I mean the seeds are a plants life force. A seed contains everything it needs to become a full plant. And we eat these things in grains, seeds, the leaves of plants, animals and their products. Eggs become chickens. We eat what a chicken needs to become a chicken.We basically just eat other living things (not just living animals.) Which made me realize, even more so, that eating live food is so important. That is why when you eat processed food or t.v. dinner things you feel like shit. It is basically dead and decaying food you are eating. They have to put preservatives in the food to keep it "alive." There is very little life energy left for your body to get from it. Fresh alive food is what our bodies need. Life begets life. It is the oddest thing to me. Why is life designed to eat other life to live, anyway? Makes me appreciate all the living things that have supported my life. And I am truly thankful for that!